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As our parishes begin to open after the pandemic we wish to remind you that Letter Concepts has been busy preparing campaigns to assist in your financial recovery efforts. These programs are designed to be “turnkey” and always include our fundraising consultation and commitment to excellence.

We are proud to announce our recent merger with Cathedral Corporation who is a trusted provider of marketing, fundraising and financial communications. Cathedral Corporation also like Letter Concepts is recognized in the industry for on-time and error-free performance.

Letter Concepts is excited to be able to build upon its thirty-two years of experience to help ensure a stronger Catholic Church.  We now have the ability to bring new services such as personalized brochures, surveys and social posts to our clients. While continuing to provide our clients with excellent customer service, outstanding print quality, quick response times and strategic planning based on fundraising and direct mail best practices.

Please contact us for a no obligation consultation at 1-800-525-4963.


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Thomas M. Wilson
Executive Vice President & General Manager
Letter Concepts, A Cathedral Company