Parish Programs

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Increased Weekly Giving Program

A pastor-to-parishioner letter request is sent in a series of three mailings every other week.  These personalized letters detail parish needs and request an increase in weekly offertory commitment.  A pastor-to-parishioner thank you letter is sent to all respondents.  Results are impressive! On average the Increased Weekly Giving Program generates $1,000 in new revenue per 1,000 registered households each week.

Stewardship Initiative

This is an educational process that introduces parishioners to the Stewardship way of life.  The program provides parish families with the basic principles of Stewardship – the sharing of time, talent and treasure to help build God’s Kingdom here on earth.  Letter Concept’s Stewardship Initiative remains focused on the “treasure” response, but options are available to present and request “time and talent” responses as well.  A pastor-to-parishioner “Thank You” letter is sent to all respondents.

Annual Collection Program

One of our most popular programs, this pastor-to-parishioner personal letter request asks parishioners for an annual gift to fund the parish budget shortfall.  A follow-up mailing to non-respondents and a thank you letter to respondents follows the initial mailing.  Most parishes increase their annual collection by 25% the first time they use our service.

Direct Mail Capital Campaign

This program includes a series of pastor-to-parishioner personalized letters requesting a pledge/gift commitment to fund parish capital improvements.  Fundraising counsel, (case statement development) database management, data programming, data entry and in-church materials are included.  The remittance of pledges, includes database payment recording and monthly reminder statement mailings.

Holiday & Holyday Mailings

Letter Concepts is proud to offer personalized Holiday & Holyday greeting cards and envelopes for your entire parish.  Please contact us today for details on this service. 


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