Diocesan-wide Offertory Enhancement

Letter Concepts’ Increased Weekly Giving and Stewardship initiatives are based on pastor-to-parishioner communication. This communication takes many forms: personalized mailings, in-church pulpit presentations and bulletin announcements – designed and arranged by Letter Concepts. 

Our Increased Weekly Giving Program relies on an initial request letter and subsequent follow-up letter to non-respondents three weeks later.  A personalized one-time increased offering envelope is used to present a parish household’s “new increased” weekly giving amount. Each responding household receives an acknowledgment letter from their pastor.

Our Stewardship Initiative presents the biblical concepts of time, talent and treasure. Time and talent are presented first in the initiative by conducting a parish ministry fair. At the fair and after mass the following weekend parishioners are encouraged to commit to a parish ministry. The second phase involves parish households making an initial commitment or re-commitment to the stewardship of treasure. The biblical concept of “tithing” – 10% of one’s gross income to one’s parish and worthy charities – is presented to parishioners.

Diocesan-wide Offertory Enhancement Clients

Increased Weekly Giving

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Stewardship Initiative

Archdiocese of Hartford * 1998-2000