Diocesan Gift Collection Services

A growing number of dioceses find value in utilizing Letter Concepts’ for the collection of pledges.  Doing so, allows the development office to focus on fundraising, major gifts and planned giving with less time on managing the production of gift processing, acknowledgements and remittance mailings.  Daily reports and exports are provided by Letter Concepts to our clients detailing every aspect of gift entry as well as exports of all changes to the database.  In comparison to hiring and managing staff, the cost is nominal.

Services can Include:

  • Lock Box
  • Data Entry
  • Data Updating
  • Gift/Pledge Entry
  • Comprehensive Data Reporting Services (Diocese & Parish)
  • Exporting data back to client’s data platform
  • Banking Services – Receipt and review of pledge, gifts and remittance returns. Remote check processing deposit to bank.

Letter Concepts can provide these comprehensive services for a fraction of the cost it would take a diocese to hire, manage and staff an office of their own.

Diocesan Gift Recording Services Clients

Current Clients

Archdiocese of Chicago
Archdiocese of Hartford
Archdiocese of Los Angeles
Archdiocese of Oklahoma City
Archdiocese of Philadelphia
Diocese of Bridgeport
Diocese of Brooklyn
Diocese of El Paso
Diocese of Fall River
Diocese of Norwich
Diocese of Orange
Diocese of Paterson
Diocese of Pittsburgh
Diocese of Providence
Diocese of Springfield
Diocese of St. Augustine