Diocesan Annual Appeal

Each year the needs of God’s people in dioceses nationwide increase dramatically. Pastoral, social and educational services along with the need to provide life’s basic necessities; is Christ’s call to action for every Catholic Christian.

Over a thirty year history, Letter Concepts has produced more than 500 diocesan annual appeals in 48 dioceses.

Our time-tested approach begins with a segmented personalized request letter from Arch/Bishop. Approximately five weeks later a personalized follow-up letter is recommended from each pastor to motivate parishioners who have yet to respond with a gift. Attention to detail is the key as Letter Concepts produces each pastor’s letter on individual parish stationery.

Letter Concepts recommends using donor history to determine a donor’s Annual Appeal request “ask.” A gift array chart may be used or a single “ask” amount.  You may also cite the donor’s last gift in the request letter or on the personalized pledge card. 

The results from targeted “asks” are astounding!  Approximately 30% of previous donors will increase their gift or pledge this year. Letter Concepts’ personalized request letters can apply multiple segmentations to maximize the average gift of your appeal.

Diocesan Annual Appeal Clients since 1989

* Indicates Current Client

Archdiocese of Anchorage
Archdiocese of Boston  *
Archdiocese of Chicago *
Archdiocese of Cincinnati 
Archdiocese of Hartford  *
Archdiocese of Los Angeles *
Archdiocese of New York
Archdiocese of Oklahoma City *
Archdiocese of Philadelphia  *
Diocese of Alexandria
Diocese of Austin *
Diocese of Baton Rouge
Diocese of Biloxi
Diocese of Bridgeport *
Diocese of Brooklyn  *

Diocese of Fall River *
Diocese of Houma-Thibodaux 
Diocese of Memphis  *
Diocese of Metuchen  *
Diocese of Nashville
Diocese of Norwich  *
Diocese of Orange *
Diocese of Orlando 
Diocese of Owensboro
Diocese of Palm Beach  *
Diocese of Paterson  *
Diocese of Providence *

Diocese of Rockville Centre 
Diocese of Scranton
Diocese of Shreveport
Diocese of Saint Augustine   *
Diocese of St. Petersburg  *
Diocese of Springfield, MA *
Diocese of Trenton 
Diocese of Tulsa *
Diocese of Tyler*
Diocese of Wheeling-Charleston
Diocese of Yakima  *
Diocese of Youngstown