A Team Approach

Your team at Letter Concepts includes…

  1. An experienced Fundraising Professional who will develop your service plan and oversee your Letter Concepts experience.
  2. An experienced Account Manager who takes ownership of your project.
  3. An experienced Creative Director who oversees our Design Team taking your multi-piece fundraising campaign from original concept to full design and layout branding all of your materials.
  4. An experienced Data Programming Supervisor and professionally-trained Data Programmers who perform data management and data-to-print responsibilities to ensure the highest quality data compliance.
  5. An experienced General Manager who oversee a Production Team. This team strives to produce campaign program materials accurately and on-time.
  6. A Finance Manager and a Mail Operations Manager who together oversee the tracking, purchasing of client postage and the delivery of your mail.
  7. A behind-the-scenes experienced IT Director who manages our network infrastructure and required security protocols to safeguard data, while maintaining our lock box services.
  8. A Director of Data Development who provides clients with cutting edge intelligent database system solutions.
  9. An experienced Data Processing Supervisor who oversees our Data Processing Team, whose members provide lockbox entry, record editing, progress reports of clients pledges, gifts and payments.
Letter Concepts meeting