Diocesan Capital Campaign Services

Our mission of service, calls Letter Concepts’ staff to serve “behind the scenes” with on-site fundraising consultants and diocesan development offices. Letter Concepts provides requested products and services that aid in the acquisition of donors and pledge dollars. Our turn-key solution can also include: database management, lock-box services, data-entry processing and three-to-five year pledge payment recording and remittance.

Our goal is to assist the development professionals in executing the campaign plan in a timely, cost effective and accurate manner.

Letter Concepts will consult with you and your campaign counsel to present the services that best fit your needs.  This team approach to securing large capital campaign goals has worked exceedingly well for those arch/dioceses with whom we have partnered. 

Letter Concepts’ capabilities include: data coding (gift phases), data segmenting and data record updating. We can also provide consistent monthly pledge “payment” remittance mailings that achieve 90%-95% cash-to-pledge response rates.

Diocesan Capital Campaigns

Current Campaigns

Archdiocese of Boston
Archdiocese of Chicago
Archdiocese of Cincinnati
Archdiocese of Hartford
Archdiocese of Los Angeles
Archdiocese of Oklahoma City
Diocese of Austin
Diocese of Bridgeport
Diocese of Brooklyn
Diocese of Charlotte
Diocese of El Paso
Diocese of Paterson
Diocese of Pittsburgh
Diocese of Providence
Diocese of Tyler

Past Campaigns

Archdiocese of Newark
Archdiocese of Philadelphia
Diocese of Fort Worth
Diocese of Houma-Thibodaux
Diocese of Lexington
Diocese of Metuchen
Diocese of Norwich
Diocese of Paterson
Diocese of Richmond
Diocese of St. Petersburg
Diocese of Savannah
Diocese of Toledo
Diocese of Trenton
Diocese of Victoria
Diocese of Youngstown