February News

As we enter the Lenten season, the importance of utilizing direct mail in your fundraising efforts cannot be overstated.  Catholic parishes’ and dioceses have had to lean on direct mail as the main method of communication with their constituents during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Not only has the need for direct mail communication increased, the need for flexibility on campaign dates has become paramount, with every day bringing new changes to COVID restrictions, with different changes in every state.  Letter Concepts takes pride in being able to make adjustments on behalf of our clients quickly, while also maintaining exemplary quality in every direct mail package that leaves our facility.

So, what have we have learned over the past year?  In order to maintain effective communication and keep your loyal parishioners and donors updated, a robust direct mail program is essential.  However, in addition to your direct mail, we also recognize the need to add in digital marketing efforts, to bolster the effectiveness of our direct mail campaigns. The majority of Americans spend hours a day on the internet and social media platforms, presenting a golden opportunity to advertise our fundraising efforts.  Over the past year, time spent online has only increased, with many Americans stuck in their homes more than ever due to COVID-19.  Recognizing this trend, we have invested in products that allow us to offer Google, Facebook, and Instagram advertising as an add-on to any direct mail campaign. This combination of direct mail and digital advertising helps us to create a robust fundraising and marketing program, catered to the new communication mediums many Catholic’s have embraced over the past decade.

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TJ Wilson